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9 Best PTC Sites in India with High Pay 2021

Do you know it is very easy to earn money from home, in your free time or while you are on travelling anywhere with PTC Sites?

Best PTC Sites in India – As you might know, there are different ways to earn money online but PTC sites are the easiest and simplest way.

Millions of Indians are earning big amount of money through Paid to Click sites just by simple clicking on different Ads and reading them.

You can also register on best PTC sites and earn good money.

So are you Interested?

For the big amount, you can register on more than one PTC Sites in India with high pay 2021 and make use your free time.

PTC sites are one of the most ideal methods to earn money from the home with no investment. You can begin to earn money directly after registering on these sites.

Paid to Click sites offer different ways to earn money. Generally seeing advertisements, completing short tasks for the daily routine and participating in surveys are some most ideal ways to earn from them.

What are PTC Sites?

PTC sites are also known as Paid to Click Sites where you will be getting some paid little money at whatever point you watch Ads in the internet browser.

There are a few sites on the web that offer this business action with free investment however ensured payments.

It simply takes 3 – 5 minutes to work every day on one PTC site. All things considered, you can earn $100–$250 month to month in the event that you registered with all sites referenced in the list of truly paying PTC sites.

Working on these sites doesn’t need any unique skills and any individual with basic computer knowledge can begin working on this technique from their home.

These paid to click jobs are anything but difficult to begin and it is best reasonable for students, Housewives, and the individuals who are keen on doing on the online part-time jobs.

Surely, even a beginner can begin to create a salary from the primary day in these paid to click jobs as it requires less expertise to work.

How to Earn Money from PTC Sites?

First point is, you need to register a free participation account with these sites suggested in the list of 100% real paying PTC sites.

After a fruitful registration, sign in to your account and go to View Ads. On that page, you will see the list of available Ads to watch.

Simply click each link in turn and it will be opened in another program. Hold up until the time-marker and the program consequently credits the cash into your account.

When you got the response from the program, close the Ad Window and return to the notice page and view the following advertisement.

Repeat this cycle until watching every single available Advertisement. For every single Ad you are seeing you will be paid between $0.0001 USD to $0.1USD contingent upon the length of the Advertisement.

A few Ads may run for 5secs and some for up to 30secs. Long Ads gives more pay.

Some Important Tips to use PTC Sites

  • Register with all suggested websites in the list of approved paying PTC sites.
  • Use a similar username and various passwords.
  • Make as a propensity for signing in every day and watch every accessible Advertisement.
  • Keep refreshed with their TOS and remain attentive to their new projects.
  • Focus more on getting immediate referrals or build a procedure of leasing referrals.

PTC sites give an excellent way to earn more money in India for free. Also, you will be able to take some surveys, complete offers, watch videos, do tasks, shop, play games, and refer other people your friends or other people.

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How PTC Sites are Effective for Earning?

  • Certifiable PTC sites pay on time.
  • 100% free registration for the beginners, from the start, when you understand well you can promote to the premium membership plan
  • Referral plans are extreme.
  • No technical skills required, anyone can work on it.
  • It permits you to work as per your time.
  • No agreement, no bond, and no time limitation.

100% Genuine PTC Sites in India

Did you know that earning pay from home can be produced during leisure time or while travelling?

There are different approaches to earn cash online as you may definitely know, however, PTC is the simplest method to earn money.

We have given you detailed information about some of the certified PTC sites in India.

A great many Indians earn a lot of cash by basically clicking and perusing various notices.

You can likewise register and earn huge money on any PTC site. Is it true that you are interested in genuine PTC locales in India? You can then register for at last one of PTC Sites in India and start earning money with enjoyment.

Today you are going to learn about the best PTC sites available for you to join. There are more than 1000 Paid to click sites out there, attempting to get you to go connect with them.

As usual, they are asserting that their PTC site is the best, and you should go along with them and nobody else.

List of 9 Best PTC Sites in India 2021

We will recommend you the best PTC sites high paying in 2021

You may discover many sites that pay for clicking and reading advertisements however we won’t suggest any of that.

There are only some sites we need to suggest. Joining is completely free on these websites. There is no top-notch account by any means. All the sites that request for a premium account are useless.

If you are searching for some additional money earning, these sites are one of the most ideal ways for you.

As said, there are a huge number of fake PTC sites on the web.

However, among every one of them, these are the best sites for you to begin winning or money-earning.

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1. ySense

ySense was previously known as ClixSense. You can get paid for completing high-value surveys. ySense is one of the best PTC sites. If you are happy to earn good cash from PTC sites, this needs to be the main site you should sign in.

This is the site which a great many people suggest and the majority of them suggest it as the first choice.

There are several ways to earn and the amount you can earn is more than numerous other PTC sites. The UI is spotless, and the payment method is straightforward and quick.

Wanna earn cash from PTC sites, definitely here we recommend ySense in priority. This site is paying for a long time and has a major market in the field. They have given out more than $37,367,130 to its clients.

Offers and Rewards

  • Paid surveys
  • Tasks
  • Offers
  • Referrals

2. NeoBux

NeoBux is likewise one of the top-earning PTC sites and it is begun in 2008 and has been granted site.

Many people say their suggestion NeoBux, however as we making more on ySense, our one-sided nature kept ySense in any case. Be that as it may, in correlation, both are acceptable in their own terms.

One thing NeoBux totally did it directly than ySense is, you can bring in cash by survey Ads which makes them PTC sites.

In any case, none the less, there are various other methods to gain on ySense as well.

Offers and Rewards

  • Viewing Ads
  • Small tasks
  • Surveys
  • Games
  • Referrals

3. PaidVerts

As the name relates it pays for viewing Ads.

It has been started in 2013 and has a decent dependable source to earn cash by viewing Advertisements from that point.

We simply don’t want to contrast and NeoBux or ySense, however, it is extraordinary compared to other PTC sites in India, more you view the ads the more you make money online.

Offers and rewards

  • Paid Ads & Click Grid
  • Cash Offers, PTC Walls & Games

4. Scarlet-Clicks

Same as PaidVerts, Scarlet-Clicks generally pays dependent on view on advertisements, and the others all simply side profit which can assist with expanding the income.

We don’t compare some other sites and what ySense and NeoBux offers, however on the off chance that you are searching for some more

PTC sites as you simply need another 10mins day by day to earn. We will recommend you Scarlet-Clicks.

It shares various things regular to PaidVerts beginning from the sum for viewing every Advertisement to withdraw.

Offers and rewards

  • View Ads
  • Earn money
  • Referrals

5. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the popular sites to earn cash. The majority of people don’t remember it as a PTC site as it doesn’t pay for viewing advertisements, rather, it pays for completing tasks, surveys, downloading applications, and so many.

In spite of the fact that it may not pay for viewing advertisements, we have various methods here to earn by simply clicking which confirms the name Paid-to-click (PTC) sites.

We suggest Swagbucks more than PaidVerts and Scarlet-Clicks.

Offers and Rewards

  • Viewing Surveys
  • Searching the Web
  • Swagcode
  • Referrals

6. Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel is one of the great survey sites.

Both Swagbucks and Prize Rebel is certainly not a paid to click sites at primary, but the work you do on these sites are like PTC sites and the total you can gain from these sites is very high.

So I need to join here for your better income consistently.

Offers and Rewards

  • Completing Daily Surveys
  • Your Surveys, Peanut Labs, Say So Surveys – Third Party Surveys
  • Offers Wall
  • Referrals

7. GPT Planet

GPT Planet is as similar to PaidVerts and Scarlet-Clicks.

You see advertisements, you get paid around $0.0001 and it will increment gradually after some time and there is additionally a GPT grid where you have to choose 20 grids from 100 and if there is that one successful grid you will earn $1 immediately.

The base payout is simply $1 and you can pay through Strong Trust Pay, Skrill, Neteller. There is no PayPal Choice which is a major short for the GPT Planet.

Offers and Rewards

  • Other than that, it is fully similar to PaidVerts and Scarlet-Clicks.
  • Estimated Earnings per Month: – $5
  • Refer and Earn: – No Referral Program
  • Payment Options: – Solid Trust Pay, Skrill, Neteller

8. Offer nation

Offer nation is another GPT (Get Paid To) Site is similar to Swagbucks and Prize Rebel.

You have other various methods to earn like completing surveys and seeing advertisements, etc.

Also, correspondingly, you get paid with points, and later they will be changed over into money or Gift vouchers.

$1 is the Minimum Redeem Amount.

Offers and Rewards

  • Moreover, Swagbucks and Prize Rebel is famous comparing to Offer Nation
  • Estimated Earnings per Month: – $10
  • Refer and Earn: – Get 25% of his earnings for life time.
  • Payment Options: – PayPal, Skrill, BitCoin

9. Ojooo Wad

Ojooo Wad is undoubted an extraordinary Best PTC sites in India.

It’s far less contrasting with different sites in this which we have been utilizing from many months.

Furthermore, we have been utilizing Swagbucks and ySense for over months for the present.

Ojooo Wad grabbed attention that the payment in this site is sufficient. Same as other PTC sites here, Ojooo Wad likewise pays for viewing advertisements and there are additionally different offers like Flip the Coin, Ojooo Wad grid, and other offers.

Offers and Rewards

  • You can also withdraw with Giftcards of Amazon
  • Estimated earning every Month: – $10
  • Refer and Earn: – Get 30% of his lifetime pay.
  • Payment options: – GiftCards


Money earning from PTC Sites in India is the best method to gain some side income or some pocket cash in the event that you are a student or a housewife r work from home.

With the assistance of all the above sites, you can make up to Rs 10,000 consistently by working around 2 – 3 hours every day.

You needn’t bother with any sort of training or skills, with no-investment, you can simply sit in your home and work at whatever time you are free, you can even work when you are sitting in front of the television, travelling, etc.

Work on Best PTC Site is not to hard, You should simply see a few advertisements, state your feelings and your details on surveys, and refer other people.

Despite the fact that you don’t have that much time, we prescribe you to give more significance to ySense, Swagbucks, and Prize Rebel.

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