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There are several languages in the world with millions of speakers. In today’s world of diversity, people are interested in learning new languages more than any other skill. One such language which is gaining foreigners’ interest is, French.

The French language is the fifth most spoken language in the world. As of 2019, it has around 280 million speakers. There are a number of ways people can learn this language and even get certifications.

One such certification can be obtained through DELF A1 Exam& you can check out many delf a1 sample papers with answers on the internet.

What is DELF?

DELF (Diplômed’Etudesen Langue Française) is a diploma exam for getting the certification of competency in the French Language. The diploma is awarded by France’s Ministry of Education.

Different Level of DELF


Skills To Be Analyzed

Four skills are analysed in a DELF A1 Exam.

  1. Speaking
  2. Reading
  3. Learning
  4. Writing

Delf a1 Sample Papers with Answers – DELF A1 Exam Pattern

The exam pattern is as per according to the skills that are to be analysed. You can find numerous sites on the internet that will provide you with the delf a1 sample papers free download.

Skill SectionTime AllottedMaximum Marks
Speaking   The test occurs in 3 parts:  exchanging information guided conversation   role-play30 minutes25
Reading   Comprehension questions comprise of four to five written documents about day to day life.30 minutes25
Learning   Students are made to listen 3-4 recordings based on every day. It is followed by questions to check candidates understanding.20 minutes(approx.)25
Writing   The test occurs in 2 parts: Filling a form Writing sample phrases on the day to day topicsLess than 30 minutes25

How to Prepare for the DELF A1 Exam?

Languages are the trickiest one of them all. No matter how confident a candidate is there is always room for improvement. 

To make sure you get that exam crack open, apart from regular learning aspirants should practice delf a1 sample papers with answers as much as possible.

The continuous practice will give you the idea of the pattern, speed, work with a time limit, and the mistakes you make. The exam is not like a regular language test we take. Proper guidance and practice are the key steps which can help the candidates.

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