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In today’s time, the Internet has taken the world by storm. One can see every single business whether big or small spread all over the digital world. The competition is stiff and people need every single help they can get to survive in this digital market.

Welcome to Leziboys

Leziboys is one of the leading media platforms which is dedicated to help its clients reach the maximum number of people out there and help them grow. We can help you grow your brand, company, audience, and websites, in exchange for worthy content.

Here are the guidelines write for us by which we abide. We only post blogs meeting these guidelines, so make yourself familiar with them.

Our Mission

At Leziboys, we are here to help you reach out to the maximum number of people on the internet and leave a digital mark in their lives. Our unique content is the key to our success. Our mission is to deliver what customers are looking for and surprise them with our amazing writing skills.

Our Focus

  • We work by our mantra, “Why will someone read this?”.
  • We cover all the current occurrence topics from all over the world.
  • We have our hand in reviving the existing topics but with a new insight.
  • We are also giving them information which no other sites have thought of.
  • We talk about business, education, health & fitness, travel & tourism, and much more.
  • We do not talk about games, individual games and apps (Sorry To Disappoint).

Submit Guest Post Author Guidelines

Here at Leziboys, we are looking for visitor contributors to strengthen our applicable content with valuable information on topics such as technology, lifestyle, health, industries, property, and more. The purpose of all the shared content is to help our readers understand today’s system of life, how they can enhance it and benefit from it.

We have a range of audiences from working professionals to students to high achievers to common readers. And thus need the content to bind them all. Quality contributions that fit our style are always appreciated by the visitor contributors. The content should be able to attract the people who reach out to us for answers. 

Length for Blog Posts – Write for us

  1. The typical blog posts ranging for our website is from 1,000 words.
  2. There should be relevant information embedded in the blog post as per its length.
  3. More relevant the data in long posts, the more chances of engaging users back on our site for more.
  4. The larger, engaging blog posts are also more relevantly to be selected by our media partners


  • The numbers should not be spelt. Only use numeral values.
  • After all the punctuation one space must be used.
  • The percentage should be written as digits.
  • The headings should be capitalized except the articles (a, an, the, etc.), prepositions (in, at, etc.), and coordinating conjunctions (and, or, for. etc.).
  • Headers should be in H2 tags whereas the sub-headers in H3 & H4 tags.
  • No need to use div or span tags.


  • The featured image should be at least 750pixels tall and 1280pixels wide.
  • Make sure all the in-blog images are centre aligned unless they are aligned with the text.
  • You should upload at least three images as per blog post content.
  • Make sure you use the images for which you have proper rights of usage.
  • Every image of the post should have alt tags and title attributes.
  • Any image consisting of any logo, brand, or displaying any external links will not be accepted.

Links, Citations, and Relationships

  • Use only credible sources, including major publications and research studies. Restrict yourself from using Wikipedia.
  • You can use external links for any reference, statistics, and a third-party outlook.
  • Do not overly self-promote your own business. Any content observed as too promotional will be removed.
  • Restrain yourself from linking any questionable industries or sources in your post.
  • Links related to buying, selling, or trading should not be used.
  • If your blog post is a non-affiliated product review, non-sponsored, then you need to include a disclosure at the beginning and end of the post.
  • Quotes used to be linked to social media accounts only.

SEO Best Practices

  • Choose short titles for the Meta title section. 55-60 Characters
  • 1 WordPress category.
  • HTML formatting for the use of lists, bolding, headers, etc.
  • Single keyword linking.
  • Alternate tags to be used for the images
  • Proper citations of the quotes.
  • Unrelated links in the post will be removed.
  • Links related to violence, drugs & porn, real estate, adult, etc. are not accepted.
  • We reserve the right to remove all links in every blog post.

Our Guest Post Publishing Process

  • You can submit your articles via email at (support @ leziboys dot com).
  • We will publish your article only after reviewing it.
  • The article will be published as soon as possible according to our queue.
  • Any revert regarding the acceptance and rejection of your article will be through the mail.
  • If the blog is published, we will mail you the submit URL.

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